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Written by the owner of The Pine Torch, Mari Toscas, inspired by her three children with autism.


Mari's third book is now available!! Limited edition copies.

Cornelia is nonverbal. But she has a voice.

Cornelia is a misunderstood, underestimated nonverbal little girl who becomes orphaned at a young age and must fend for herself in the wilderness of her heart and mind. Just when she is about to give up all hope, she learns that her Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother live on through The Pine Torch – a sacred flame tended to by Vestals thousands of years ago and passed down from generation to generation – placed in her hand as her mother takes her last breath.

As she questions the value of embodying her voice, she is visited by three strangers, who secretly come in search of the mysterious, sacred flame: To use it, to hide it, to steal it away.

The three visitors teach Cornelia lessons each in their own way.

In her multi-generational, magical, and synesthetic journey through the depths of her own heart, Cornelia finds the power of her voice. A voice backed by her Mother’s Mother’s Mother – and the Motherlines of all time.

Will Cornelia succumb to the doubts of others, snuffing her own flame? Or will she embrace the unknown and brave the dark, discovering the power of her own voice and matriarchal line?

The namesake of the brand, The Pine Torch, this book was lovingly written by Mari Toscas when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with nonverbal autism, and is her third book. Her first book, Raising a Phoenyx is also inspired by her son, Phoenyx’s journey with nonverbal autism.

You'll love this heavy, thick, 7x9 board book format is the perfect size and nice and sturdy. Makes the perfect gift!

About the Author:

Mari Toscas, MFA, is a poet, artist and mother of four, three of whom have autism. Inspired by her son, Phoenyx, who has severe nonverbal autism, Mari sought to create a world where Phoenyx lives and thrives: a mystical, ethereal, raw, macabre, gothic – sometimes facetious –but beautiful and kaleidoscopic world for us to join in.

Cornelia and The Pine Torch

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