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Phoenyx is no ordinary bird.


While his friends cheep, squawk or coo roo-c'too-coo, Phoenyx communicates in the way that comes naturally to him: flapping and flapping and letting out a mysterious caw. An old woman tricks Phoenyx into a life of safety and protection in a rickety cage, repeating after her like Parrot, in exchange for his freedom and ability to fly. Phoenyx begins to wilt, losing the colorful plumes and happy flapping that make him so unique.


Will Phoenyx be doomed to rust away in a cage, or will he fly free, like the mystical, magnificent bird he is?


About the Author:

Mari Toscas, MFA, is a poet, artist and mother of four, three of whom have autism. Inspired by her son, Phoenyx, who has severe nonverbal autism, Mari sought to create a world where Phoenyx lives and thrives: a mystical, ethereal, raw, macabre, gothic – sometimes facetious –but beautiful and kaleidoscopic world for us to join in.


Originally inspired to create artwork for apparel through her retail company, The Pine Torch, Mari wanted to be able to reach her audience in a more multi-dimensional way, through poetry and visual imagery, creating books that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Raising a Phoenyx Hardcover Book

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